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Books to explain hospital to a 3 year old.

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Jenkeywoo · 20/03/2008 22:19

dd (3.5) is going in to hospital to have grommets fitted in a few weeks. The hospital gave her a surreal little booklet all about going into hospital and the bit about the anaesthetic involved something about a butterfly fluttering down and landing on her hand. I'm looking for easy to understand books that deal with the anaesthetic part and will help explain a visit to hospital in a non-scary way. Any recommendations?

OP posts:
RosaIsRed · 21/03/2008 01:24

This one is good Katie goes to the hospital and she has an ear operation too. My DDs have all loved it.

lucymack · 21/03/2008 08:47

There is also this Usborne one which you can see here.

TheThotPlickens · 21/03/2008 08:48

can you still get Topsy and Tim?

lucymack · 21/03/2008 08:48

Just read your post again and so I checked and the Usborne one does cover the anaesthetic bit. x

lucymack · 21/03/2008 09:15

Yes you can still get Topsy and Tim so they will probably do one too. If anyones wants them you can email me at [email protected]

Expelliarmum · 21/03/2008 11:38

DS recently had an anaesthetic for teeth out. They gave us some cream to numb his hand which we applied 2 hours before his appt. When we got into the operating room, they sat him on my knee and said "cuddle Mummy", when his hand was behind my back where he (or I!) couldn't see it, they put the anaesthetic in and he just went floppy on my knee. Then they bustled me out of the room. I didn't go into too much detail with him about what exactly would happen, just told him that he would be given some special medicine to make him sleep, which he seemed quite happy with!
Good Luck!

milliec · 30/03/2008 15:50

Message withdrawn

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