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pitstop41 · 19/03/2008 22:59

Can anyone help me? I'm racking my brains and google trying to find the name of a particular old children's book-late 60's or 70's? It was about a family of bear brothers-each a different colour with names like William or George and they all lived together with a dalmatian dog as their pet. I think it was even made into a TV programme early 90's. I want to get it or a video for my daughter-she remembers it too but we've since lost the book. I hope I haven't imagined it I going mad or does anyone know of these bears?

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melpomene · 19/03/2008 23:34

You're not imagining it; I remember the books too and can visualise it, but can't remember what it was called.

RosaIsRed · 19/03/2008 23:35

I remember it too, blooming heck, I cannot remember what it was called.

melpomene · 19/03/2008 23:39

You could try asking here

pitstop41 · 19/03/2008 23:41

Thanks-at least I know I'm not going senile yet-off to bed -maybe my subconscious will help me.

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S1ur · 19/03/2008 23:41

Aaargh hold on,

pinkbubble · 19/03/2008 23:44

Did they run a removal company?

S1ur · 20/03/2008 00:06

Sorry got distracted, dp to the rescue.


Suzanna gretz and teddybears abc.

Calisteregg · 20/03/2008 00:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pitstop41 · 20/03/2008 09:40

Brilliant! Thanks very much. I couldn't sleep for trying to think of it for a while..need to get out more.

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