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Mummy laid an egg by Babette Cole - thoughts on this book

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Madsometimes · 19/03/2008 14:07

My 7.5 dd has been asking me about sex recently. My explanation that sex is a special cuddle that mummy and daddy have which can make a baby grow in a mummy's tummy was totally inadequate and I know that she is still confused. The problem is that now she is in the juniors she is hearing all sorts of nonsense in the playground, so I think I would prefer her to have the facts.

dh and I have decided to get a book. I know Mummy laid an egg deals with sex for this age group, but that it can get quite explicit. I don't know if there is a bit too much information in this book, or if I just need to lighten up a bit and deal with it.

Has anyone got any thoughts on this, or indeed any suggestions for other books that deal with sex education for 7 year olds.

OP posts:
princessmel · 19/03/2008 14:09

I've read it. I was a bit shocked tbh! I didn't expect all the pictures of the different positions.
But its good as its funny and light hearted.

Bobbiewickham · 19/03/2008 14:10

Where Willy Went is much better.

Don't be put off by the title. Willy is a cute little sperm character who is very good at swimming

Hate the Babette Cole one. Has people shagging on skateboards, iirc.

caughtintheact · 19/03/2008 14:22

I had The Body Book by Claire Rayner when I was about 7-8 (I think!). I still remember the book - it covers sex and reproduction but also the digestive system, ageing and other stuff. It's a great book, just the right amount of detail.

geekgirl · 19/03/2008 15:57

I like it, but I think it's aimed at younger children really. Don't think it's too much info - I think it's very good at making light of it IYSWIM.
At 7 however I'd aim something that a bit more factual.

SorenLorensen · 19/03/2008 16:05

Where Willy Went is a lovely book.

I can't stand Babette Cole. I don't know why - I know she's very popular - but I don't like any of the books of hers I've read.

imaginaryfriend · 26/03/2008 23:10

I hate this book. The illustrations are vile and the scenario is ridiculous.

RosaIsRed · 26/03/2008 23:43

There isn't nearly enough information for a seven year old in Mummy Laid an Egg. I wouldn't exactly call it graphic either. Personally I would just tell her the facts. As far as books go my children rather liked my pregnancy book which had photographs of babies in the womb.

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