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Nonfiction for 11 year-old boy

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Stakhanovite · 27/07/2021 16:33

Does anyone have any nonfiction book suggestions for an 11 year-old boy? He's a smart kid with a good attention span, but he's not a 'reader' in the getting-lost-in-a-Harry-Potter sense. Very interested in mechanics and how things work but I think really anything with amazing facts or real life events/ history could work.

OP posts:
Holothane · 27/07/2021 16:46

History encyclopaedia I’d have loved this at his age.

palindromeam · 27/07/2021 16:52

Kay's anatomy by Adam Kaye

And the magic of reality by Richard Dawkins

Stakhanovite · 27/07/2021 18:22

Ah, great, will check those out!

OP posts:
Marmitemarinaded · 27/07/2021 18:24

Check out the week junior

whatwouldjudydo · 27/07/2021 18:26

My sons are 9 and 11 they love the 6000 interesting facts book, joke books, wildlife books and the only stories they read are diary of a wimpy kid!

Stakhanovite · 27/07/2021 18:36

Ah, this is opening up a whole new world? @whatwouldjudydo any wildlife books in particular?

OP posts:
Ylvamoon · 27/07/2021 19:17

National Geographic subscription... ?

Alicehood · 27/07/2021 20:01

You should get him to read the exorcist. Very good book.

Stakhanovite · 27/07/2021 20:09


You should get him to read the exorcist. Very good book.

Dunno, he's quite badly behaved as it is...
OP posts:
Fivemoreminutes1 · 28/07/2021 12:50

Bear Grylls World Adventure Survival Camp
Mud, Sweat and Tears by Bear Grylls
Ask An Astronaut by Tim Peake
The Usborne official astronaut's handbook
The Dangerous Book for Boys
Cyber spies and secret agents of modern times

Stakhanovite · 28/07/2021 14:38

Those look great, Five. Thanks so much!

OP posts:
helpfulperson · 28/07/2021 14:48

A history of the world in 100 objects. Originally podcasts on BBC. Its a bit of everything, history, mechanics, weapons, cooking etc. He may not be interested in all the chapters at the moment but anything that does capture his imagination can be skipped for now.

Stakhanovite · 06/08/2021 11:35

Terrific selection! Thanks @whatwouldjudydo !

OP posts:
54321nought · 06/08/2021 11:37

SAS survival guide

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