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Julia Donaldson recommendtaions needed

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Hennipenniinapeartree · 23/11/2007 22:58

for DD age 6, we have Gruffalo, gruffalo's child and room on the broom but would like to get her some more for christmas.

OP posts:
SlightlyMadScreachingSirens · 23/11/2007 23:07

Squash and a Squeeze is DTDs favourite...even better than Gruffalo

lljkk · 23/11/2007 23:14

Princess and the Wizard is the right target age.

Monkey Puzzle is ok, but could be starting to be too young. Hide and Seek Pig was enjoyed by both my 3yo ds and 6yo dd, but it's targeted at under 5s, really.

SoMuchToBits · 23/11/2007 23:15

Definitely the Snail and the Whale - our favourite by far. Great story, rhymes and illustrations.

Aitch · 23/11/2007 23:15

i love the snail and the whale, and i'm 36. does that help?

SoMuchToBits · 23/11/2007 23:17

And I'll be 46 in approximately 9 hours' time - does that help?

KermitTheFrau · 23/11/2007 23:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

emkana · 23/11/2007 23:19

The princess and the wizard is great, my dd's love it.

Snail and the whale, Charlie Cook's favourite book are probably best for this age.

mymatemarmite · 23/11/2007 23:22

A squash and a squeeze most definate! I love it and so did/does DD who is now 7! Absolute definate!

VeniVidiVickiQV · 23/11/2007 23:23

Is Day Monkey, Night Monkey Julia Donaldson?

Room on teh Broom is ACE.

SoMuchToBits · 23/11/2007 23:25

Yes VVVQV it is.

Hennipenniinapeartree · 23/11/2007 23:41

Thnks, there's some good stuff there to go on. So, it's Squash an a squeeze, Princess and the wizard, snail and the whale, Charlie cooks favourite book and possibly Day Mopnkey, night Monkey. Now, most importantly does anyboy know where I can get them online cheap? Have tried Book People but they only stock the books we've already got.

OP posts:
throckenholt · 24/11/2007 08:29

I love the Whale and the snail.

And also Tyrannosaurus Drip - great fun about a duckbilled dinosaur.

dooley1 · 24/11/2007 08:30

The Tallest Giant in Town - 3 year old ds loves it

dooley1 · 24/11/2007 08:31

sorry Smartest Giant in Town

throckenholt · 24/11/2007 08:33

tiddler is good too.

mysonsmummy · 24/11/2007 13:40

i am buying ds 6 some of these books for christmas as well. they are sold out on the book people. ive found them on amazon for about £3.50 each and you get free postage. i didnt know the amount she has written - also some are aimed at the 6/7 age group as well.

Hennipenniinapeartree · 24/11/2007 16:47

Thanks will try Amazon

OP posts:
charlieandlola · 24/11/2007 17:15

Sharing a Shell
Snail and a Whale
Room on the Broom

Not v keen on squash and squeeze, or monkey puzzle here - 5yo ds.

Spidermama · 24/11/2007 17:17

Shen and the Magic Brush is great.

Room on the Broom a total classic.

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