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Suggestions for 13 year old boy?

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GentlySnoring · 26/06/2021 22:21

My DS is 13 and a keen reader. He’s just finished Theodore Boone by John Grisham and loved the series. He likes detective stories, thrillers, adventure etc but doesn’t like science fiction or fantasy. Though will read things set in a different world as long as it’s based in a possible reality, eg Hunger Games.

He’s read the cherub series, Alex rider, Maze Runner, Hive books and more and now I’m all out of ideas! Any ideas most gratefully received! He’s tried a couple of Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes but wasn’t massively taken with these.

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Vargas · 26/06/2021 22:31

Have you tried the younger versions of James Bond and Sherlock Holmes?

There's also Mitch Rapp but I think my ds was slightly older when he started with those.

GentlySnoring · 26/06/2021 22:47

Thanks very much,. He’s read Young Sherlock but not James Bond, I can look at that. Had a quick look at Mitch Rapp - I think this would be right up his street - is it suitable for a 13 year old, would you think?

OP posts:
Fivemoreminutes1 · 27/06/2021 06:41

The Da Vinci Code
Jason Steed
Eight Pieces of Silva
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
The Loop
Where the World Ends

Sawyersfishbiscuits · 27/06/2021 07:04

The divergent series

MayIDestroyYou · 27/06/2021 07:20

Geoffrey Household - Rogue Male - superb, nail biting adventure story.

John Corey Whaley - Noggin - one tiny bit of slightly future science, but mostly about the consequences for a normal teen boy.

John Buchan - All the Richard Hannay novels - great, old school adventures. Vocabulary expanding.

Philip Roth - Nemesis. Illness amongst American teens.

Emily St John Mandel - Station Eleven - finely wrought pandemic story.

GentlySnoring · 27/06/2021 08:36

Thanks, some really great suggestions here. How do your kids choose their books - do they go to a library? A bookshop? I always end up looking for books for DS but he’s getting too old for this, surely! I don’t like libraries (sorry libraries!) because their opening hours don’t work for me so we rarely go. I do a lot of Amazon browsing.

OP posts:
Vargas · 27/06/2021 08:42

I've read one Mitch Rapp, there's a bit of sex and quite a lot of talk about weapons and fighting. I find most of it fairly cartoonish to be honest. I think my ds was probably around 14/15 when he started them. He still reads them now and he's 19.

Ds used to get books from school library and if he liked the series he would just buy the next one on his kindle. His account was linked to mine so I paid.

Another thought - the Montmorency books are good and definitely suitable for a 13yo.

MayIDestroyYou · 27/06/2021 09:36

A few more:

If he tolerated Hunger Games he might enjoy having his mind expanded by Octavia Butler. He can choose which to start with via Amazon internet reviews.

Iain Banks - The Crow Road. Can't remember why, but unputdownable.

Going back to full blooded adventure:

Richard Hughes - A High Wind in Jamaica - complex, gobsmacking stuff, disguised as a rollicking children kidnapped by pirates adventure.

Patrick White - Voss - outstanding, challenging, demands a patient reader.

GentlySnoring · 27/06/2021 23:46

Thanks again, I’ve certainly got some good leads here! With the school library, he never has time to go. Lunch is only 30 mins and after school it’s straight onto the one school bus and home.

OP posts:
LadyCatStark · 27/06/2021 23:48

Special Forces Cadets by Chris Ryan or his adult books if wanting something more grown up. DS(12) devoured them and is now reading his autobiography.

Pazuzu · 06/07/2021 10:45

Pretty much anything by Matthew Reilly. Can be exceptionally violent but in a really cheerful cartoon way. (think Enid Blyton with access to heavy weaponry)

The Mitch Rapp series would depend on your child. It's not overly explicit on the violence but the themes can be quite dark at times e.g. fundamentalism and so on. The film's flipping awful though.

How about graphic novels/comics? Batman, Judge Dredd, Maus etc.

Riharony · 25/07/2021 15:34

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