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Willard Price adventure books - what age?

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Wallace · 20/11/2007 19:05

Ds1 (8) is a fluent reader, and I am wondering if these books are suitable for his age. I remember reading them with gusto, but I cannot remember how old I was!

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charliecat · 20/11/2007 19:10

ah Wallace, never heard of this it the author or the character???!!

Wallace · 20/11/2007 19:12

Sorry, it is the author. Sort of nancy drew for boys (can I say that?). Full of adventure

OP posts:
charliecat · 20/11/2007 19:14

Oh right...why for boys rather than girls? Ant particular reason? (FWIW I always thought secret seven was boyish over famous five! couldnt tell you why tho!)

Wallace · 20/11/2007 19:17

The main characters are boys, but I really enjoyed them and I'm a girl (was a bit tomboyish mind you)

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Wallace · 21/11/2007 21:33


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Heated · 21/11/2007 21:36

I was about 9 when I read them, lots of stirring adventures. I've always remembered what to do if a panther tries to bite your arm off but have yet to put it into practice

Nightynight · 21/11/2007 21:37

dd1 read one of them last year, aged 9. Cant remember what age I was when I read them.

Nightynight · 21/11/2007 21:38

ooh yes, heated, and what to do if a big snake tries to squeeze you to death and then swallow you.

funny, as children you assume that this will be relevant in the future.

Heated · 21/11/2007 21:42

Oh God yes, the anaconda!

I saw a totally un-pc early wildlife film, in black and white, where they staked out a baby deer to see what the anaconda would do...the outline of the deer still upright inside the anaconda is a distinct memory!

whichwitch · 21/11/2007 21:57

My son read them from late 7 and 8 - he got them from the school library - he really enjoyed them. So I would say yes right age.

Wallace · 21/11/2007 21:59

Thank you

Will be scouring charity shops and browsing amazon

OP posts:
Nightynight · 21/11/2007 22:17

they are really cheap on amazon.

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