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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Simple, 3 to 4 letter book recommendations.

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Adriana87 · 15/05/2021 13:42

I'm struggling to find something my son can attempt to read. He likes me reading books but we're trying to improve his speech and general understanding (he's very behind). I'm just looking for a big that has a picture and text along the lines of "the dog took a walk in the park". Everything I've seen so far, online and in Supermarkets, have a lot of big words or are so poor in content there's no point in getting them.

Any ideas? Child is 4 by the way.

OP posts:
BlueChampagne · 17/05/2021 13:01

You could probably write your own, based on words you know he knows, and subjects likely to interest him. Draw or print black and white illustrations and he can colour them in.

Alternatively try your local library.

EwwSprouts · 18/05/2021 17:28
Okidokey · 21/05/2021 21:35

My daughter has the stage one songbirds book by Julia Donaldson. It's all phonics based so it's possible to sound everything out. There are several stories in the one book.

NannyR · 21/05/2021 21:41

If you are wanting to help with speech and language, what about books like "you choose" with very little text, but lots of pictures to encourage discussion?

noscoobydoodle · 21/05/2021 21:50

For books to read together with clear link between pictures and words try: DK first facts, usborne first reading books (e.g. how the rhino got his skin etc).
For first reading alone books try: Songbirds stage 1, (top cat, Sam's pot etc). Pete the cat phonics box set, Phonics bug learn to read at home pack 1 (dig Sid dig, Sid's nits)

noscoobydoodle · 21/05/2021 21:53

In the usborne first reading books there are little 'games' in the back about the story - true/false quiz, put pictures in the right order etc which help with understanding. The illustrations are lovely too (I don't work for usborne btw but these are my 5 year old's favourite books!)

MrsMcTats · 21/05/2021 21:53

Biff, Chip & Kipper books.

Adriana87 · 26/05/2021 21:10

Sorry for the late reply all. Thanks for this, much appreciated. Going with Biff, Chip and Kipper to start with.

OP posts:
MissRainbowBrite · 26/05/2021 21:18

Oxford Owl have a handful of reading level ebooks on their website you can try before committing to buying a certain series.

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