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I'm looking for a good childrens book on Mythology, please.

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PestoMonster · 12/11/2007 15:56

I'm trying to find a good childrens mythology book for my friend's dd. She is nearly 7 and very interested in this subject. Your suggestions would be very much appreciated, thank you!

OP posts:
fleacircus · 12/11/2007 15:59

Friends of mine always whiffling on about reading Roger Lancelyn Green (sp?) as children. Might be a bit dated now but clearly leaves a lasting impression.

EffiePerine · 12/11/2007 16:00

Geraldine McCaughrean? I loved her Arabian Nights and I'm sure she's done some Norse mythology books as well.

EffiePerine · 12/11/2007 16:01
EmsMum · 12/11/2007 16:01

We just finished re-reading 'Usborne Greek myths for young children' for DDs book at bedtime (she's 8 but we've had the book for a couple of years) and her next choice was Atticus the Storytellers 100 Greek Myths! They are both pretty good.

hana · 12/11/2007 16:01

any good? 100&fromPage=basicSearch&catalogId=10051&submit.x=4&vipStatus=&submit.y=10&beginIndex=10&resultCatEn tryType=1&storeId=10001&searchTerm=usborne+&pageSize=10&searchScope=SimpleSearch&resultType=2

FluffyMummy123 · 12/11/2007 16:02

Message withdrawn

PestoMonster · 12/11/2007 16:10

Thank you for your help. Am still dithering a bit, but nice to have recommendations. Very grateful.

OP posts:
UnquietDad · 12/11/2007 16:16

Which mythology are you thinking of?

Some Greek ones

lots of Greek & Roman there

and if all else fails

I gather this is always a popular one

(although a bit outlandish)

Marina · 12/11/2007 16:20

Atticus the Storyteller is our favourite pestomonster

and Geraldine McCaughrean is always good

PestoMonster · 12/11/2007 16:21

Very helpful Unquiet Dad, a bit tongue-in-cheek that last one though, non?

OP posts:
EmsMum · 12/11/2007 16:24

Naughty UQD ...surely you're not recommending the NEB? There must be a more child-friendly translation of those myths than that?

UnquietDad · 12/11/2007 16:53

Actually if we are talking mythology the last one is just as much so as the others.

But I agree
more child-friendly version called for.

RosaTransylvania · 12/11/2007 22:31

My children love Black Ships before Troy by Rosemary Sutcliff. The illustrations, by Alan Lee, are amazing.

Ellbell · 12/11/2007 22:34

DD1 has just read this and loved it. She is 7 and a half.


Marina · 13/11/2007 09:00

I am trying to interest ds in The Eagle of the Ninth Rosa. What happened to that legion is sort of mythology...I had forgotten about Black Ships before Troy, I LOVE Rosemary Sutcliff

Enid · 13/11/2007 10:21

my 7 yaer old dd1 lovse teh geraldine mcaughrean orchard book of greek myths

she LOVES it

RosaTransylvania · 13/11/2007 10:36

Oh yes, I want to get that one Enid. I have bought so many books for the DDs for Christmas, I need to stop. I keep thinking, just one more....

Marina - I am hoping to get DD1 interested in Eagle of the Ninth, but she is not as yet. I read The Queen Elizabeth Story, one of RS's earliest books, to her and DD earlier this year and they loved it. She is in my top five children's writers of all time.

Enid · 13/11/2007 10:36

go on

tis a lovely book

EffiePerine · 13/11/2007 10:53

G McCaughrean is fabolous. Completely loopy (apparantly) but fabulous

Marina · 13/11/2007 11:13

All the best writers are a bit mad IMO

PestoMonster · 13/11/2007 11:13

Ooh thank you everyone, they still keep coming!

OP posts:
RosaTransylvania · 13/11/2007 11:19

Effie - I heard GMcC speak at Hay on Wye this summer and was very impressed by her. She came across as slightly eccentric but in a good way.

EffiePerine · 13/11/2007 11:20

I've heard she is an excellent speaker (DH did some events with her a few years back)

Zazette · 13/11/2007 11:25

Marcia Williams does fab, inventive, visually complex comic-style retellings of Greek myths

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