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Jokes for grown up reader?

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Dianasquest · 16/04/2021 13:14

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for some opinions about this page in my children’s book. It's for reading to pre-reading age, early readers with a little help and primary age independent readers.

Well this page is meant as mild amusement for adults. I have an under 2 that loves these Spy Baby books and obviously it's not going to occur to her that Mewsance the cat is talking about eating the rabbits...

Is this going to be an awkward conversation for parents if older children understand what the cat means? Shock

Do you (adult readers) like kids books with little bits here and there for grownups or it really doesn't matter? Grin

Oh and BTW if you're interested in getting a free copy; I'll be doing a giveaway on

You can see all of the Spy Baby books on this link

Jokes for grown up reader?
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