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Trying to remember these picture books from 1980s/early 90s

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SingToTheSky · 16/03/2021 20:09

(I guess really they could be even older, I’m not sure how current they were at the time. I was born 1986.)

  1. Something about dragons. It was really rich in detail and lots of big views of the city. Quite realistic style pictures. There may have been a cave? I think the dragon was green.

  1. Something about a crocodile and a dentist, I’m sure there was something about the penguin pool at the zoo.

  1. Something about witches. I am sure it wasn’t Winnie the Witch. It was quite cartoony in style but lots of detail and in some ways it didn’t seem so much like a story as a sort of “guide book” - I’m sure it mentioned the witching hour and there was so much to spot like little labelled jars etc. My favourite page was her bedroom which had a Wallace and Gromit style contraption for waking her up.

  1. This is the most hopeless one probably 😂 but I remember something with biscuits in a bag at the end. There may have been ice lollies and that sort of thing too. I just remember reeeeally liking them. I feel like the last page was actually like a paper bag with the biscuits in - sort of a pocket or flap? I was convinced it must be a Jill Murphy book as it got mixed up with On The Way Home (which I loved) but I’ve looked at her list of work and can’t see anything on there.

If anyone has any ideas for the above I’d be most grateful :o
OP posts:
LApprentiSorcier · 16/03/2021 20:44

A couple of wild guesses:

Crocodile/dentist - I had something called 'Uncle Mac's Children's Hour Story Book' with a story about a crocodile and a dentist. There was another story about a mermaid whose younger brother got stuck in a lobster pot. Probably not what you are looking for as it was much older than the 80s (jumble sale find for me).

Witches - this reminds me of the Usborne series - The ....'s Handbook. I had the detective one and my sister had one about ghosts - there might have been a witch one too, and that would have been the right period - early 80s.

Pics attached in case they ring bells.

LApprentiSorcier · 16/03/2021 20:47

Sorry, pics not attaching @SingToTheSky but you should be able to google them.

RueDeNaples · 16/03/2021 20:55

Could the crocodile/dentist one be "Crazy Charlie"? It's about a crocodile who eats everything in sight until he eventually loses all his teeth. A passing explorer, who also happens to be a dentist, makes him a set of false teeth.

Fivemoreminutes1 · 17/03/2021 04:23

The Wacky Book of Witches?

Blueberries0112 · 17/03/2021 04:50

Clarabella's Teeth?

Alligator’s toothache?

I am curious about the dragon. I would like to get one for our daughter

SingToTheSky · 17/03/2021 14:47

Thank you all! I'm stuck on a useless laptop right now but when I can get on my phone I'll follow these up (how times have changed!) - I did have a brief look at the witch's handbook last night though and that is a possibility, if only I could have a proper look at all the pages then I feel like I'd know!

OP posts:
pollyhemlock · 18/03/2021 16:04

Could the dragon one be Miss Fanshawe and the Great Dragon Adventure by Sue Scullard? Published 1986. This Amazon link gives details, but unfortunately no illustration. The pictures are very elaborate

pollyhemlock · 18/03/2021 16:14

Also the witch one could be Colin Hawkins’ Witches which is cartoony in style.

pollyhemlock · 18/03/2021 16:17

Here is a Goodreads link to the Sue Scullard dragon book with a picture of the cover

SingToTheSky · 18/03/2021 16:19

Ooh polly I’m not sure, the stuff that comes up on Google images looks like it could be but without seeing the book in full it’s hard - however either way it looks beautiful!

OP posts:
SingToTheSky · 20/03/2021 10:41

Ok I have another one to add if anyone is about!

I have always meant to buy a book from childhood which included someone being lonely and one of the things they did was playing tennis with themselves - I’m sure I remember them hopping over the net as they hit the ball back and forth.

I was absolutely convinced this was a wallaby and it was the book Willoughby Wallaby (which mum and I always talked about fondly). But it isn’t! That’s a totally different book.

Any ideas please 😂

OP posts:
SingToTheSky · 20/03/2021 10:43

Oh damn. Never mind. I googled and it seems there was a book called kangaroo tennis. Hard to find a copy though!

OP posts:
NameChangeandDesperate123 · 20/03/2021 11:10

Could the crocodile be from The Junglies?

vampirethriller · 20/03/2021 11:13

Dorrie the Little Witch?

chillichutneysarnie · 20/03/2021 12:08

Could the witch one be "The Wacky Book of Witches?"

SingToTheSky · 20/03/2021 12:16

I can only find a couple of interior pics but I think the wacky book of witches suggestions are correct! Thank you!

OP posts:
SmellsLikeAHamsterCage · 20/03/2021 17:03

The dragon one wasn't one of the Puddle Lane books, was it? There was a few featuring a green dragon. I think he was called Toby Spelldragon.

JanFebAnyMonth · 16/04/2021 21:36

Oh wow Wallaby Willaby!!!!

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