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Mrsmadevans · 31/01/2021 22:53

Hello Smile
sorry to bother you, just wondered if anyone could put me out of my misery. I have been racking my brains to find out the author of some books l used to read in the late 60's .
l am looking for an author who wrote childrens books in the 60's . They were about an American family and the one child had a fire truck he used to ride on. I think one of the children were called Bobbie . Not much to go on but l used to love them! I think the Dad in the story was a fireman too . Thank you .

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pollyhemlock · 01/02/2021 16:28

The authors who spring to mind are Eleanor Estes ( Moffat family stories), Elizabeth Enright ( Melendy family), Madeline L’Engle ( Meet the Austins) , and Beverley Cleary ( Henry Huggins and Ramona Quimby series). They were all writing around this time. However, I can’t find any references to firemen, so many not be any of them. Any help?

Witchend · 01/02/2021 16:44

I can only think of Bobbie Brewster and the Bobbsy Twins (sp?) for Bobbies.

pollyhemlock · 01/02/2021 17:17

Bobbie Brewster is not American. Could be the Bobbsey Twins though? Although I’ve just looked them up and Dad seems to run a lumber yard, not put out fires!

Mrsmadevans · 02/02/2021 21:16

Thank you all so much it's the Bobbsey twins yay!

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