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Non science fiction books for DS11

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barefootcook · 15/12/2020 04:20

Am looking for inspiration for books for DS11. He is s good reader but doesn't like science fiction or fantasy. He has read a lot of the standard series for that age group ie Cherub.
He likes sport, adventure, fishing, history, cars, comedy and animals. TIA

OP posts:
SillyOldMummy · 15/12/2020 05:16

Maybe Bear Grylls adventure books?

barefootcook · 15/12/2020 06:21

Thanks Sillyoldmummy. That is the sort of thing he likes but has read them all I think.

OP posts:
BlueChampagne · 16/12/2020 12:46

Gerald Durrell
James Herriot
Sherlock Holmes

Tom8888 · 22/12/2020 20:28

I agree grylls books are good

EwwSprouts · 24/12/2020 21:54

Zoobreak by Gordon Korman
Theodore Boone series
Wind in the Willows

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