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Please help me remember what these books are called!

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HalfTermHalfTerm · 30/07/2020 22:12

I’ve just been thinking about some books I borrowed from the library as a child, but I can’t for the life of me find them online. It’s driving me crazy! Clues I have so far are;

-They are children’s comedy books about a coven of witches. I remember them making me repeatedly laugh out loud as a child... although they might not be as funny as I remember Blush

  • The witches all have familiars. One of them has a familiar that (from what I remember) is just a big hairy... thing. I had it in my head that it was a live haggis, but I’ve probably imagined that
  • I think at the back of the books there were pictures of all the characters and their names, including all of the witches familiars.
  • They had pictures in, but I think the pictures are/were all black and white comic book style pictures.
  • I think in one of the books the witches have to organise a party. Mass chaos ensues.
  • This would have been in the late 90s or early 2000s.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated! I really don’t think I’ve imagined it all!

Apart from the haggis. I might have imagined that.
OP posts:
VirginiaWolverine · 30/07/2020 22:15

Winnie the Witch?

VirginiaWolverine · 30/07/2020 22:17

Ah, you were right wityj Pongwiffy, @scarydinosaurs.

Scarydinosaurs · 30/07/2020 22:19

@VirginiaWolverine They were very funny!

HalfTermHalfTerm · 30/07/2020 22:25

Ohhh, I think it might be Pongwiffy! There are definitely familiars in the Pongwiffy books from what Google is telling me.

That actually came up on my google search but I discounted it because the illustrations really didn’t look right, so thank you!

OP posts:
Scarydinosaurs · 30/07/2020 22:33

They have had new illustrations- I’m sure there was a Haggis familiar. Pongwiffy and the Spell of the Year might be the one you’re thinking of.

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