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Help with reading while homeschooling

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BellaPie · 14/05/2020 01:21

Can anyone recommend any videos / apps to help a slow/early reader to do on their own for 10-15 minutes, while parents try to do day job wfh? Something showing the words on screen at the same time as the narrator is reading them out loud, so the child can follow along? Maybe karaoke style with the words lighting up or a dot/ball bouncing onto the word as it is read?

OP posts:
Hellokittymania · 14/05/2020 01:23

Would epic be any good? It has a small subscription fee per month, but it is quite a good app and has lots of content. It also has read aloud books, where the words are highlighted as they are red. There are a good variety of books to choose from as well.

SionnachRua · 14/05/2020 01:24

Not what you are looking for but Storylineonline would be great - they can listen to someone read to them which is very important for developing fluency. You can teach your child to use it independently.

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