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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

recommendation for educational magazine

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moonlitknight · 14/08/2019 22:19

As a kid back in the 1960s, I had a subscription to a weekly magazine called "Knowledge". It was an Aladdin's cave of general knowledge that I found entrancing. Odd copies are for sale on eBay, eg.

I'd now like to subscribe my grandkids to something similar. Does anybody have any recommendations?

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newtothenet · 14/08/2019 22:22

My daughter gets Whiz Pop Bang. It's science based but includes general information / current affairs articles that are relevant to science. I find it really interesting too so can highly recommend it.

Starlight456 · 14/08/2019 22:23

My son had the week one . Has news apps . He reads it every week

whattodo2019 · 14/08/2019 22:32

Junior week is fabulous
First news is rubbish!
Kids National Geographic is rubbish too - far too many adverts

YetAgainNameChanged · 14/08/2019 22:56

Dekko comics are fab. Well worth a look.
What age are the children?

BlueChampagne · 15/08/2019 12:11

Aquila also worth a look for age about 8-12.

moonlitknight · 21/08/2019 20:31

Many thanks. Aquila looks the closest to my ideal. Subscribed :-)

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