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Soccer related books for 8 year old

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Crazycrazylady · 26/01/2019 14:23

Anyone know of some good soccer related books that would be good for an eight year old. He's a reluctant reader so I'm hoping that they might help 🤞

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GherkinsOnToast · 26/01/2019 14:24

Frankies Magical Football books are loved by my football mad 8year old

LadyMonicaBaddingham · 26/01/2019 14:45

As well as the aforementioned Frankie Magic Football books, I'd suggest 'Cinderboy' by Laurence Anholt and 'The boy with the lightning feet' by Sally Gardiner. Both very suitable for KS1

Starlight456 · 26/01/2019 14:46

Jamie Johnson . My son read the series.

Lara53 · 26/01/2019 16:36

Tom Palmer is a Dyslexic author who has written a series about football. Also Frank Lampards series

Crazycrazylady · 26/01/2019 19:37

Thanks guys. I've just filled my amazon basket🙏

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