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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

10 year old advanced reader

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Mytupenceworth · 27/10/2018 10:29

As the title says, I'm running out of books for my 10 year old boy. Santa normally brings a good selection but right now I'm flummoxed!
Terry Pratchett read
Micheal c Scott read
Lord of the rings read
Hunger games read
Harry potter read
Didn't like swallows and Amazon's
Alex rider
Skull duggery
Greek mythology

You get the idea!
Any recommendations please?

I also have a 12 year old daughter who likes fantasy, fiction, and happy ever after.
We tend to alternate between Waterstones, Kindle and the library. I'm beyond thrilled I have two avid readers but have no idea what next.
Thanks in advance!

OP posts:
AjasLipstick · 27/10/2018 10:44

American classics like Huckleberry Fin and Tom Sawyer?

Mytupenceworth · 27/10/2018 10:49

Thanks, he's read huckleberry Finn and want that keen. I found a possible suggestion on another thread but please keep the suggestions coming

OP posts:
PersonaNonGarter · 27/10/2018 10:50

Dark Materials - Phillip Pullman

Mistigri · 27/10/2018 10:52

Anything by Diana Wynne Jones.

Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea trilogy.

Mytupenceworth · 27/10/2018 10:53

Again he's read them, once he gets his hands on a series he likes he gets lost in them. Just looking into the time riders now I hadn't hear of those

OP posts:
Mytupenceworth · 27/10/2018 10:54

My daughter adores Diana Wynne Jones, Santa brought the collection last year!

OP posts:
Mistigri · 27/10/2018 10:54

Also some adult sci-fi (best is probably sci-fi from the mid twentieth century if you don't want too much violence). I was a fan of Robert Heinlein and Andre Norton at that age (end of primary/ start of secondary).

Mistigri · 27/10/2018 10:56

Glad to find another D Wynne Jones fan, Power of Three was my all time favourite book as a young teen and its my DD's all time fave too.

DonkeyPunch88 · 27/10/2018 10:56

My 11 year old is working his way through the goosebumps series at the moment

Mytupenceworth · 27/10/2018 10:57

I wish Mumsnet had a thanks button!

OP posts:
Grumpbum123 · 27/10/2018 10:58

Animals of farthing woods collection I loved those around that sort of age
I’m guessing that they’ve read the warrior cats books too

Mistigri · 27/10/2018 10:59

He might enjoy some old fashioned mystery novels eg Wilkie Collins. Most adult mystery/crime fiction probably a bit dodgy at this age (though my daughter read some of the game of thrones books at 12 )

Justbackfromnewwine · 27/10/2018 11:00

My 10yo has got really into Agatha Christie so maybe try that?
Has he done the Lemony Snicket series?

Mistigri · 27/10/2018 11:01

Watership Down? I enjoyed it but my DD hated it, your mileage may vary...

Seeline · 27/10/2018 11:06

12 yo Mallory Blackman - noughts and crosses series, Phillip Pullman - Sally Lockhart series.
10 yo Charlie Higson - Young James Bond series
Either might enjoy Agatha Christie, John Buchan.

Seeline · 27/10/2018 11:06

My DD also loves books by Frances Hardinge

Mytupenceworth · 27/10/2018 11:09

Thanks for all the suggestions, any suggestions for my daughter? She loved Diana Wynne Jones as I said, has re-read Harry potter at least a dozen times read alot of the books my son read but prefers magic and happy!

OP posts:
1busybee · 27/10/2018 11:09

Young Sherlock, time riders, Steve backshall.

Mistigri · 27/10/2018 11:12

Patricia C Wrede might be worth looking at for your daughter, can't say whether age appropriate for a 12 year old because my dd read them when much younger. I haven't read them but this sort of young adult fantasy tends to have a wide age appeal.

Mistigri · 27/10/2018 11:14

Has she read the earthsea trilogy? A bit darker maybe but I think has a similar appeal to HP.

Chocolatedeficitdisorder · 27/10/2018 11:15

At 12 (early 80s) I was reading all the James Herriot books, which were set in the 40s/50s. They were so well-written that I loved them. I think I had also moved onto Diana Gabaldon and Catherine Cookson books by then too. I think I gained an enormous amount of general knowledge from leaving children's books behind at that age.

Mytupenceworth · 27/10/2018 11:16

Patricia C Wrede a definite contender!
She's read Earth sea thanks.

OP posts:
Tinty · 27/10/2018 11:17

If he likes Alex Rider, try Agent 21 by Chris Ryan. But be careful because Chris Ryan writes books for Adults it is only the Agent 21 series for Children.

MissLingoss · 27/10/2018 11:22

E. Nesbit - for both of them?
Sherlock Holmes?
Classic adventure such as John Buchan?
I was also going to suggest The Riddle of the Sands, but if he doesn't like Swallows & Amazons, he probably won't like that.

For the fantasy lover, David Eddings The Belgariad series? It's adult, but from memory I don't think there's anything inappropriate for a 12yo in it.

If she likes crime/mystery, some of Agatha Christie's standalones have young woman heroines and are quite good fun. The Man in the Brown Suit or They Came to Baghdad, for example.

FadedPage is a Canadian site which has books that are out of copyright in Canada freely available. I don't think there"s anything Adult-Rated there, so you could let them browse. Some of the books there aren't copyright free in the UK, but if they find something they like, you can always buy it.

There's also Project Gutenberg for free stuff, but it's much bigger, so not so easy to navigate, and I'm not sure whether there's adult stuff on there.

OhFlipMama · 27/10/2018 11:22

Very similar in my house! Currently the Darren Shan vampire series is going down a treat.

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