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Tracey Beaker as a mum in her 30s!

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mozartvanbeethoven · 17/10/2018 17:50

I admit that even though I am in my 30s, I have always liked Jacqueline Wilson, and aged 10 I read Tracey Beaker and loved it. So having grown up with TB, I was thrilled to discover JW has written a book about TB as a mum in her 30s with a daughter!

I loved the fact that some characters from the earlier TB book appear in this one- I had wondered what happened to Justine Littlewood, and whether she chnaged at all? Anyone else read this book and fancy some TB/JW nostalgia?

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canihaveacoffeeplease · 19/10/2018 07:20


Leeds2 · 19/10/2018 15:48

I haven't read it (yet!), but would love to hear what happens!

Chocolatecoffeeaddict · 19/10/2018 15:55

I saw this while I was out today and I want it!

Deminism · 19/10/2018 23:12

Want this too. Going to buy for dd for christmas

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