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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

new books for Zoe's Rescue Zoo fan!

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muddlepuddle1 · 03/06/2018 08:30

My daughter is 5 and loves the Rescue Zoo books. Does anyone have any similar recommendations for when we've done them all? Thanks!

OP posts:
Ricekrispie22 · 03/06/2018 12:49

The 'Little Animal Ark' series and then the proper Animal Ark series in a couple of years time
Books by Holly Webb
Magic Animal Friends

BlueChampagne · 04/06/2018 12:52

Not sure if you're after books for her to read or for you to read to her, but if the latter, how about:

Sophie books, by Dick King-Smith
101 Dalmatians

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