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Recommendations for book discussing puberty for an 8 year old girl

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SissySpacekAteMyHamster · 14/03/2018 17:52

Has anyone got any recommendations for books about puberty.

She is probably a good couple of years off it herself but has friends who seem to be approaching it a lot quicker.

I don't want to mess up any discussions and unwittingly worry her!

Help please.

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OpposableThumbs2 · 14/03/2018 18:02

I've just bought this for my daughter's 7th birthday.

We had the first one in the series when I was pregnant with DD2 and ever since she has been asking for the next one.

I've not read it yet but the younger one was great for answering all of her questions.

gerbo · 14/03/2018 18:15

"The care and keeping of you: body book for younger girls" by V. Schaefer. Bought it for my nine year old, it's well written and covers body changes, feelings/friendships but not sex. The "for older girls" version covers that, I think. Check it out on Amazon, reviews will give you more idea.

helpmum2003 · 14/03/2018 18:17


helpmum2003 · 14/03/2018 18:18

Sorry I'll try again! Adwords--PLA--Usborne%3A+What%27s+Happening+to+Me%3F+(Girls)---WPL&gclid=Cj0KCQjwkKPVBRDtARIsAA2CG6ESA9LML0HgnHxXl0Eq73otbZMCVJ1KCrFI2aJv7bB0Hs50E1FolVUaAh48EALwwcB

SissySpacekAteMyHamster · 14/03/2018 18:24

Thanks so much. I've ordered that one and anotherouple of books on the people also bought lists. I also have a couple of boys who are actually nearer to puberty so have got them a boy specific book.

Thanks for the quick response.

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