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Pan horizon teen books

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Itscurtainsforyou · 22/02/2018 21:24

Inspired by another thread, I've been remembering books from my early teens that were published by Pan Horizon - the ones I've come up with so far are:

  • forever
  • happy endings are all the same
  • I stay with you

Can anyone remember any more?
OP posts:
bookmum08 · 22/02/2018 22:28

I can't remember the writer but there was 'I know what you did last summer' and 'The eyes of Karen Conner'. Anne Frank's Diary was published in Pan Horizons too!

NeverTrustASmilingCat · 23/02/2018 16:56

Bookmum they are by Lois Duncan, who also wrote I Know What You Did Last Summer, amongst others

NeverTrustASmilingCat · 23/02/2018 17:08

Oops, you mentioned that one! Also, Stranger with my Face.

I think that Also Known as Sadzia! The Bellydancer! was another in the series.

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