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Children's books

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mangg · 04/01/2018 14:41

Dear Mums (or dads),

At what age do you think is appropriate to introduce your kids about pollution? would you read a story book that's about pollution to your children?

I'm creating a storybook that introduces the topic of air pollution and the importance of it but I'm not sure if it's an appropriate age range(4-6 year old) for the topic.
I don't have any younger siblings and I've never been read to Blush so it's kind hard to grasp what kind of book children and parents prefer to read. I.e . how complex

I would really appreciate it if you can help me with this.Smile

Many thanks,

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EssentialHummus · 04/01/2018 15:11

I don’t think any age is too young, done appropriately. I think something like The Lorax by Dr Seuss is a good example of a story about environmentalism geared towards young children.

mangg · 04/01/2018 17:55

Thank you for the reply! I've read the Lorax and I loved the rhymes and flow of the book! If you've got more recommendation or any feedback please let me know Grin

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browneyesblue · 04/01/2018 18:09

There’s a children’s book called Window by Jeannie Baker that deals with environmental issues. It has no words, so is suitable for a wide range of ages. It’s a great book for discussing the environment, and how it’s changing, with children.

thethoughtfox · 04/01/2018 18:13

I would buy it.

thethoughtfox · 04/01/2018 18:14

The more complex the issue, the better it is if you can make it so children can understand it.

BrokenBattleDroid · 04/01/2018 18:22

Ronnie the red eyed tree frog is about deforestation and has a good story, plus not too depressing.

I think it's a good idea, but needs to have an uplifting and hopeful message to it to actually inspire children.

mangg · 08/01/2018 14:46

Thank you sm for all the replies! Ill make sure to check the recommendationsGrin

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