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Twas the Night Before Christmas - recommendations

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BreakHerOffAKitKat · 07/11/2016 13:07

Growing up my DM would always read this to me and my brothers on Christmas eve. I have wonderful memories of the most beautifully illustrated hard back edition, the pictures used to make me catch my breath and I would ask for it to be read again and again so I could look at the beautiful images.

I now have a daughter of my own I would love to continue the tradition. She will only be 10 months old this Christmas so she isn't going to remember anything from this year but I want to start the tradition now.

Can anyone recommend a particular version of this book that would make a beautiful keepsake, there are so many copies available that are more cartoony or paperback and nothing very special. I really want something traditional, with a hardback that can be cherished.

Unfortunately the copy my DM read to us many, many years ago has seen better days and won't survive another generation.

Thanks in advance

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Clawdy · 10/11/2016 10:49

There are quite a few on Amazon, but the one we have is the Robert Sabuda pop-up version, it's lovely, but maybe a bit fragile for a baby! A real keeper though.

mrsglowglow · 15/11/2016 11:36

We have the edition that is beautifully illustrated by Niroot Puttapipat. It is still magical when we bring it out every year and my Kids are now 12 and 10. Some very delicate cutouts but ours has survived since our dd's first Christmas!

mrsglowglow · 15/11/2016 11:45

Actually remembered now we got it when 3 so not such a tiny baby! We had a sturdier pop up version before this.

BreakHerOffAKitKat · 15/11/2016 23:08

Thank you both for your replies, I'll have a look on amazon for the ones you've both suggested Smile

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