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Book ideas for 15 year old boy

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JammyDodger16 · 01/10/2016 16:46

He has read the Hunger Games and likes that kind of book but I would also like to buy him something a bit different.

Any ideas appreciated

OP posts:
AnIbisIsWatchingMe · 01/10/2016 17:43

My son really enjoyed the Maze Runner series. Demon Road trilogy is also good. The Gone series by Michael Grant is another good one.

AnIbisIsWatchingMe · 01/10/2016 17:47

Almost forgot Patrick Ness. Both The Knife of Never Letting Go and the Chaos Walking Trilogy are great.

reup · 01/10/2016 17:52

My son enjoyed the Jeff Norton Metawars series and I've just bought him Railhead by Phllip Reeve after he like some of his Mortal Engines series.

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