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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

SN dd has just read her first ever book for pleasure. can you please help me find others she may like

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friendinwoe · 11/08/2016 22:15

I am desperate to find others she may like as she won't read hardly.
She is a teen.

The book she has just enjoyed is this

Reading age is fine so teen books or kids both fine.

OP posts:
thenewaveragebear1983 · 11/08/2016 22:25

My dd likes Michael grant 'gone' series, twilight, other vampire type books, and has recently read the da Vinci code. She is 12 but with a higher reading age, but doesn't like 'girly' books (her words!)

PartyCityGhoul · 11/08/2016 22:32

Try Darren Shan, Cirque Du freak and Demonata series, good teen vamp/demon/magic series. I think the only books my fairly severely dyslexic brother ever chose to read and he read the lot, and I (female) enjoyed them as a teen

Also, the Garth Nix Abhorsen series might be good, but DBro struggled with the fantasy naming style and didn't enjoy them as much so perhaps library rather than buy those in case she doesn't like them.

minipie · 11/08/2016 22:34

Diane Wynne Jones?

FranksBobot · 11/08/2016 22:38

The Blood of Eden series and The Iron Fey Series both by Julie Kagawa are good reads for teens

elephantoverthehill · 11/08/2016 22:42

Mallorie Blackman got DS1 into reading properly. I enjoyed them too. Also 'Pigheart boy', and 'Holes' off the top of my head.

JoyceDivision · 11/08/2016 22:43

Karen McCombie, DD is really into these. (Whispers of wilderwood hall, The Girl who wasn't there, Alice B Lovely)

Also check out Christ Ridell goth Girl books, and Marcus Sedgewick books

fruityb · 11/08/2016 22:46

Malone Blackman and Marcus Sedgewick are good. I loved the Geek Girl books - they were fun.

Would also recommend Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon, Sarah Crossan books, skulduggery pleasant series are also ace.

PomBearWithAnOFRS · 15/08/2016 02:40

Susan Cooper - any of hers, not just the "Dark is Rising" series.
The "Connie Companion" series by Julia Golding.
The "Mortal Instruments" series by Cassandra Clare. (on special offer at the Works online as of yesterday Wink )

friendinwoe · 15/08/2016 13:29

Thank you! Will go in search of these.

OP posts:
SekhmetLioness · 22/08/2016 20:59
iseenodust · 09/09/2016 08:43

Agree with Skullduggery Pleasant series
Doctor Illuminatus by Martin Booth

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