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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Girl 9, boy 7 urgent book recommendations please

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Rafaella · 11/08/2016 10:41

My daughter is going to be nannying for two English children in Switzerland and wants to take some fiction books (paperbacks) for them to enjoy reading. I've forgotten what books my kids loved at that age - any recommendations please, all she knows is that they love Harry Potter but have all those books. She's off on Saturday so needs to buy them before then. thanks in advance!

OP posts:
Balletgirlmum · 11/08/2016 10:43

Alex Ryder?

David Walliams are good for that age group.

Ds loved Captain Underpants at that age.

PaintedDrivesAndPolishedGrass · 11/08/2016 10:46

The Redwall series by Brian Jaques.

MachiKoro · 11/08/2016 10:56

How To Train Your Dragon series (there's 12 of them). They're not like the films, they're better. Funny, epic in scale, wonderful vocabulary, so moving at times. I cannot recommend them enough. Perfect for a 9 and a 7 yo.

Eva Ibbotsen would be good for 9yo. If they like harry Potter then Platform 13 and Which Witch ate a good start. Away from witchy stuff. The star of Kazan and journey to the river sea.

Inkheart series by Cornelia funke
The Paddington books by Michael Bond
Just William by richmal crompton- they may need to have them read to them, as the language is tricky for modern children, but the stories are hilarious, just what 7&9yos would appreciate. DH read them to DD, and couldn't stop being alternatively horrified and amused.
Ottiline series by Chris riddell. And Goth girl .
Ruby Redfort series by Lauren Child
Alan Snow's Here be Monsters is fantastic.

MachiKoro · 11/08/2016 10:57

Can you tell I love a good book emergency? Grin

Rafaella · 11/08/2016 11:21

Amazing thanks so much, have passed all those suggestions on. Any more welcome before she heads to Waterstones?

OP posts:
BlueChampagne · 11/08/2016 13:01

Edge Chronicles
Roman Mysteries

Stinkerbelle37 · 11/08/2016 13:04

what about some classic English books - like the secret garden, ballet shoes, swallows and amazons etc?

Zelda123 · 21/08/2016 19:23

I have come across a children's book called The Prisoners of Wispine I thought I'd let you all know about. My niece just finished it and seemed to enjoy it (well it kept her quiet :) ) and it's by a new author so possibly not that well known. It is a fantasy/ fairy-tale type story with a murder mystery element, though it's quite moralistic in that it teaches that revenge doesn't solve anything and that ultimately goals are best reached through working together. It is set in a world where magic is outlawed so all the fairies, witches etc are imprisoned in a castle, it also manages to cram in a love story. The majority of characters are female so it's probably better recommended for girls. It is available on amazon though I bought it here:

I would have started a new thread for this but the site didn't seem to let me start one

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