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Does anyone recognise this book?

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tobee · 16/04/2016 22:22

I think it was called The Twelve Days of Christmas ( funny time of year to be thinking of it, I know). We had it read to us at primary school (late 70s). It was basically about how each of the twelve days had a theme in "olden days". For example: Boxing Day was when you gave little boxes with gifts in to people etc. I think it was told in the form of a story as opposed to non fiction.

I've wanted to re read it for ages but if you put 12 Days of Christmas into Amazon for example, it just has books telling the verses of the song rather than this story. I would guess it was aimed at over 8s. Any bells rung? Tia.

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SanityClause · 16/04/2016 22:30

I don't know about the book you mean, but it's reminded me of a book that was read to us.

There was an older sister in the family being courted by a young man. He kept giving her the twelve days of Christmas things. So on the first day, he gave a partridge in a pear tree. The second day he gave two calling birds, and a partridge in a pear tree, etc.

I can't really remember much, except there was livestock everywhere after a while, and the young woman got crosser and crosser. The younger siblings liked him, and were trying to help.

I think she finally agreed to marry him when he gave her twelve pipers piping, because she thought that was very romantic.

tobee · 17/04/2016 01:21

Oh! Now I'm interested in that book as well !

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runnerbean2 · 17/04/2016 02:22

The Thirteen Days of Christmas by Jenny Overton? Great book...!

tobee · 17/04/2016 10:03

Right, excellent 13 Days of Christmas looks like book number 2. So I can order that one.

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tobee · 17/04/2016 10:04

Meant to say thanks, btw.

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runnerbean2 · 17/04/2016 10:29

No probs- enjoy :-)

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