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MaryPlain59 · 25/01/2016 09:59

I would like to buy a book to read with a child I support who will soon be going to boarding school, she is nearly 7 years old. I remember reading the Malory Towers books when I was a child but am not sure if they would be suitable for her age group or if there are any others you could recommend?

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EdithWeston · 25/01/2016 10:07

Yes, Mallory Towers should be fine, also by Enid Blyton is the St Clare's series.

If you want to be retro, there's a the Chalet School series by Elinor M Brent Dyer (you might need to read these to her, rather than for her to read independently, but they're fine in content)

And there's always Harry Potter...

All those the schools are secondaries.

The only prep school ones I can think of right now are the Jennings books by Anthony Buckeridge, but it's an all boys school. I enjoyed reading them though.

MaryPlain59 · 25/01/2016 10:19

Thank you Edith, that's really helpful. Yes, I was planning to read the stories to her when I am with her along with some other preparation work I will be doing with her, she is very anxious and worried about the thought of boarding at the moment.

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CocktailQueen · 25/01/2016 10:27

Have a look here for a list:

DD loved Malory Towers and St Clare's, so I'd recommend those first. The Chalet School were great but would sound v old fashioned now.

There's also a new series called School for Stars written by Holly Willoughby and her sister Kelly - see - which is contemporary and fun. (Not brilliantly written, though.)

There are some here too: - I loved Frances Hodgson Burnett's A Little Princess (but it might scare your child as it's quite sad and the girls are mean...).

MaryPlain59 · 25/01/2016 10:34

Thank you so much, I will have a look at those links now. I have just ordered 3 of the Twins at St Clare's books from eBay which should arrive tomorrow.

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MaryPlain59 · 25/01/2016 10:43

I have just looked at the links CQ and thought the What Katy Did At School book looks good aswell as the Malory Towers/St Clare's books and think it will be a 'gentle' read as well. Thank you both again for all your help.

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