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Ransom Publishing: Incredible Book Company for Struggling or Reluctant Readers

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SlingMomma · 28/11/2015 18:33

Can I just recommend something to you? If any of you have kids who are dyslexic/ slow / reluctant readers (ahem! Boys! Although, I hear some girls can be the same way, too) I have come across this INCREDIBLE little company called Ransom Publishing.

Apparently they are the only(?) company in the country who specialise specifically in books for reluctant/ struggling readers and have won heaps of awards. I think the reason they're not so widely known is they wholesale directly to school libraries but you can just ring them up and order single copies over the phone and they are full of fab suggestions for kids of all ages: I couldn't believe how many things they publishe'd when I looked. They even do books that are like the sneakily easier version of existing books. Their 'Pig' series, which is apparently a bestseller into schools, is a bit like Wimpy Kid only subtley easier to read. It's so clever cos there's nothing about their books that could lower a kid's streetcred.

What I also think is so great about them is that their content is not patronising or dumbed down but really compelling- just the sentence structures and format have been created to hold the attention even of the most reluctant reader.

I've been MASSIVELY impressed by them so thought I'd pass on the recommend since the despair you can feel when your kid won't read, despite your own passion for books...well...these guys can solve it. Brilliant! Can't BELIEVE they're not available in Waterstones. Tonnes of kids would benefit hugely if they were!!!

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SlingMomma · 28/11/2015 18:37

P.S. if anyone else has come across any other books/ resources that work similar magic I'd love to hear about them...!!

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SlingMomma · 01/12/2015 07:39

bump no one else who had similar experiences?!

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schmalex · 02/12/2015 18:41

Barrington Stoke also do lots of high interest / low reading age books and books for kids with dyslexia. They use a lot of high profile children's authors too.

SlingMomma · 08/12/2015 07:53

Ooh, thank you Schmalex! I shall have to check them out, as well! What sorts of things worked best for your kid?

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