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Join in for children's book recommendations.

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DeliveredByKiki · 29/08/2015 15:38

DS is 6 and loves to cook, we've almost worked our way through the I Can Cook Cookbook just in time for his birthday, anyone got any recommendations for more children's cookbooks that similarly make it easy for the children to follow and do themselves?

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JiltedJohnsJulie · 29/08/2015 17:22

Usborne cookbook for boys Smile

BlackAmericanoNoSugar · 29/08/2015 17:41

DS has made loads of things from the Shrek cookbook. It's not as junk-foody as I had expected it to be.

Sadik · 29/08/2015 18:29

I'd really strongly recommend this book by Sara Lewis. It's a baking book, so cakes, breads etc, but the recipes are excellent (I actually use quite a few of them myself when cooking without dd), and it's really clearly written and easy for children to use. The recipes are graded - so super easy ones for littlies, through to more complicated ones that will need a bit more parental help for smaller children.

DeliveredByKiki · 31/08/2015 02:33

thanks all

baking I'm not so bothered about, we do so much of our own already, also it's kind of DH's domain what with him grinding his own flour and all (don't ask Hmm )

I had no idea there was a shrek cookbook

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mrsmortis · 31/08/2015 14:42

There's a Roald Dahl cookbook (Revolting Recipes I think). If he's familiar with any of the stories he may enjoy that.

Leeds2 · 01/09/2015 17:23

Second the suggestion for the Usborne book. We had the one for girls, and it was excellent.

DeliveredByKiki · 01/09/2015 20:32

usbourne seem to have quite a few for children - what's the difference between girls and boys and children?

revolting recipes could be good!

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