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i am a childrens bookseller..

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ZooeyTheChildrensBookseller · 10/08/2015 16:44

Hello, I joined mumsnet to be able to share & acquire information with more parents and guardians; as a Children's Bookseller I spend my working day talking to parents about their kids/with their kids, in regards to what they should read, for pleasure and for education;for example for the last couple of weeks, the topic everyone wants to know more about, (or share an opinion on) is the new curriculum marking system and what it means for the GCSE revision guides. I also tend to spend a lot of time debating which books are the best for the Latymer exam VS the Herinetta Barnet...etc..
I also get a fair few teachers and private tutors who come in regularly and tell me the most recent snitbit of insider info-n.b the last thing I heard from this one lady who tutors for 11+ is that loads of schools -Latymer being one of them,-have gone big on the multiple choice comprehension this year.
There's obviously a lot of talk about the pro's and cons of CEM and so on..
I do also spend a good deal of the time with kids who come in alone, talking about books+ reading for pleasure, and for recommending books for children who have reading ages which are significantly different to their actual age-a very common problem-and so have a great deal of trouble finding books that are challenging without having content that's too 'grown up' for them.
I've used Mumsnet many a time as a resource tool for information, so I thought it was time to start interacting..

About me:
I am a Bookseller for Waterstones in Enfield North London, and I run the Children's section-which includes:
-books for new-born's (and all ages to...)
-books for teens/YA
-Education from pre-school through KS1, KS2,3,GCSE,AS,A2
-and the selection exam /SATS/11+/Common Entrance books.
-Kids non-fiction..
-fun activity + VLOG books (u know what I mean)..
anyway..please do feel free to talk/ask tell me anything!

OP posts:
IndianMummy · 11/08/2015 09:44


Love Waterstones, but sometimes find the lack of choice infuriating - it's all Julian Donaldson and Jacqueline Wilson etc. Would like to discover some new books by new authors sometimes too, not just safe options, and also, please, more books with diverse characters - Indian, African, Chinese - whatever. The lack of choice is why I just go on Amazon and order bunches of books, because there, you can get everything.

Thanks for coming on and seeing what parents want ;-)

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