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Jacqueline Wilson - Katy. Suitable for a 6 year old?

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NotWorkingOut · 02/08/2015 18:29

DD is 6 and going into y2, she's been desperate to read JW books for a long time and I've been putting it off as I know a lot of them would be unsuitable. She's been asking if the new one would be suitable, but I have no idea!

I know she'd be capable of reading it, it's just whether it's too grown up really!

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NotWorkingOut · 12/08/2015 19:33


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SanityClause · 12/08/2015 19:35

Jacqueline Wilson books are not suitable for anyone, IMO.

NotWorkingOut · 14/08/2015 13:37

Haha well yes! It's a bit like the sodding rainbow fairies!

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maresedotes · 14/08/2015 13:45

Second the comment about JW books in general. I looked at the review for Katy (on JW website) and it isn't shown when filter applied - it only then lists 4 books for the age group 5-7.

FortyCoats · 14/08/2015 13:48

What's wrong with JW books? Dd has read them all.

Is there some controversy re their suitability or just that opinion is divided on literary quality?

DuchessofMalfi · 16/08/2015 06:47

DD likes Jacqueline Wilson's books. She's 9 and we've been reading them for a couple of years. The problem I have found is not that they are poorly written but the content isn't always appropriate for her age
I vet them carefully first
Some are only for older children.

A good one to start with would be Four Children and It which is based on E Nesbit's Five Children and It and was very enjoyable.

ScarlettDarling · 29/08/2015 21:23

I think that it's nonsense to say JW's books aren't suitable for anyone!! Her stories are 8 year old devoured the Hetty Feather books, and then raced through 'Opal Plumstead' and 'Queenie' in two days.

She hasn't read 'Katy' yet, think we'll save that for a Christmas present. I think 6 is young for JW in general. But don't be put off. Read through a few of them yourself and see what you think.

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