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Gayle Forman books suitable for mature 11 year old?

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kali43 · 18/07/2015 19:45

Saw trailer for if i stay and it seemed ok and the books seem to have a nice variety of stories but i am not sure?

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TheHouseOnBellSt · 18/07/2015 22:07

They look a bit trashy to me....not exactly good literature. A mature 11 year old should be reading modern classics...if she's interested in romance then try The Outsiders...other good reads include Kes and The Catcher in the a female she'd probably also love Are You There God it's Me Margaret.

Booksteensmagazines · 18/07/2015 22:27

The books are really for older teens - 14+ - nicely written, full of feeling, popuar, romance. I wouldn't give to an 11 year old.

kali43 · 25/07/2015 19:48

thanks all - she wanted paper towns so that's next in line but will keep the others in mind

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