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Age to read To Kill a Mockingbird and Wonder?

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AnonymousBird · 17/07/2015 09:36

Just wondered what age you children may have been when they read either of the two books above?


OP posts:
AnonymousBird · 17/07/2015 09:37

"your" children, obviously. I can spell!

OP posts:
Jinglebellsarenearlyhere · 17/07/2015 09:37

10 for wonder. Haven't done to kill a mocking bird yet

AnonymousBird · 17/07/2015 10:02

Thanks. DS is ten, and I figured this age would probably be about right.

OP posts:
titchy · 17/07/2015 10:09

12+ for mockingbird imo. He may well not be too aware of the concept of rape, and you really need to have an awareness of the context of the book, and I don't think many primary kids really understand the treatment of black people in southern state usa at that time and now

cornflakegirl · 18/07/2015 22:23

I would agree 10 is about right. I read Wonder a couple of months ago, and tried to get DS to read it, but he didn't go for it. Will have to try again, as it is really powerful.

Booksteensmagazines · 18/07/2015 22:33

My son was a very good reader and was given To Kill a Mockingbird aged 11 - he told recently (aged 15) that he missed a lot of the story and although he could read it he realised now that he had not fully understood it. I'd wait till 13 so its fully appreciated. Also a fairly tough subject.

Wonder is an easier read - i would give to an 11 year old and I know younger children read it but it does need some maturity to fully understand the topic.

Tryingtokeepalidonit · 22/07/2015 20:49

We teach Wonder in Y7 and I think that is a great age for it plus it is a great message as they start a new school. TKAM is wasted before 13, the fact you can read a book doesn't mean it is the right book for you at that age. There is more to reading than mere comprehension.

AnonymousBird · 23/07/2015 09:02

Thanks all, I think I agree that TKAM needs to be two or three years down the line.

We will try Wonder!

OP posts:
LadyEnglefield · 25/07/2015 19:13

DD1 (10 in November) read Wonder recently & declared it the best book she'd read..even better than Harry Potter!

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