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French novels for dd who,is doing GCSE french

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goingtobefree · 29/06/2015 19:52

She does french and Latin for GCSE and would like to read Harry Potter in french and has been asking me to buy it. Do you think it is wise decision, should she read some french novels aimed for younger children. She does not want any french novels but English novels like Harry Potter in french.

OP posts:
PiratesLifeForMe · 29/06/2015 19:58

I'd say go ahead, when I was trying to learn I bought a few Harry Potters in French - I don't thinking makes any difference that it's a Harry book to an original 'French' novel. In french it's very french!

Plus it helped that I knew the gist already. Maybe a more unknown book for when she's a little more confident?

IndridCold · 29/06/2015 23:56

If she's keen and that's what she wants to read then go for it. I expect the translation is pretty good.

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