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Enid blyton and Harry Potter for poor eyesighted DD

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JiltedJohnsJulie · 30/05/2015 20:48

DD is suffering in the same way I did at that age. There are lots of books she wants to read, and is capable but the print is so bloody small.

Does anyone know of any editions that will be easier for her to read or do I just go with a kindle?

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hugoagogo · 30/05/2015 20:54

You might be able to find large print versions in your local library, or ex library copies come up on Amazon sometimes.

tassisssss · 30/05/2015 20:56

Print size put my daughter off for ages too.

Do you have an iPad? Can you use the kindle app on that?

ImperialBlether · 30/05/2015 20:57

I think a Kindle is the way to go, OP. She can have access to any book she wants that way and if she's tired she can make the font bigger again.

You can also change the font style; she might find it easier to read one style than another.

I have a Paperwhite and it's absolutely fantastic. I can't recommend it enough. The only problem is that you're limited to books from Amazon, but that shouldn't be a problem for her.

SoupDragon · 30/05/2015 20:58

I think a Kindle would be perfect.

springlamb · 30/05/2015 20:59

Agree with Kindle suggestion.
I have the first generation, most basic, years old Kindle and it still allows me to adjust font, typeface, line spacing and words per line to any book I purchase.

hugoagogo · 30/05/2015 21:03

Of course other ereaders exist that aren't tied to Amazon, so you can borrow library books ( yes I do work in a library) or buy from wherever you choose.

Barnes and Noble's nook is very good and lots cheaper than a kindle.

Hive is a great site that benefits smaller booksellers.

lilacblossomtime · 30/05/2015 21:07

I love my kindle, if you are happy with using Amazon. They are very good quality.

threenotfour · 30/05/2015 21:10

Go to your local library and ask for Large print editions. There are lots of LP editions out there and although your library won't stock them all they can order them from other libraries in their group and for free for children's books.

Pipbin · 30/05/2015 21:11

DH has a Kobo which is waterproof, prefect for reading in the bath. You can change the font size a line spacing on it and it's not tied to Amazon, you can even borrow books from the library.

I'm assuming you have had her eyes tested...........

LifeHuh · 30/05/2015 21:17

Yes, I was also wondering - does she have a diagnosed visual problem?If so then Kindle, large print, audio books . But that's assuming whatever she us already using isn't giving quite enough help.
If not , has she had her eyes properly checked?

madamehooch · 31/05/2015 09:33

I have a feeling that you can now only download Harry Potter e books from the Pottermore website so it would be prudent to check that any device you buy is compatible if she specifically wants to read Harry Potter.

ImperialBlether · 31/05/2015 11:03

I've just looked on Amazon, madamehooch, and you can download HP books from there onto Kindle.

madamehooch · 31/05/2015 23:10

You can download them for free if you subscribe to kindle extra but to purchase normally through Amazon you have to go to the Pottermore website.

BobbyGentry · 31/05/2015 23:30

Audiobooks are great alongside books for kids. My son & I loved Stephen Fry's readings of the Harry Potter Potter books. Sets good pace and rhythm of the language listening to it professionally read.

JiltedJohnsJulie · 03/06/2015 18:35

Thank you all for your suggestions, they are all great. Yes she has regular eye tests, every 6 months at the moment and she was discharged from the hospital last year, mainly because they know our optician is so good.

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