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Books featuring naughty children?

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MaureenMacnally · 17/05/2015 13:32

DS(7) has suddenly got into reading having previously been very resistant.

He has just read the Horrid Henry series, and has requested more books "about naughty children".

I thought of the Just William books, but I think that the dense print and quite demanding vocabulary will be a barrier to a child who has only recently started reading. The large text, helpful illustrations and accessible language of HH seem to have been a hit, and I don't want him to become discouraged by books that are maybe too ambitious for his current reading level. (I do still read aloud to him, and he has enjoyed Narnia, Harry Potter, The Moomins etc)

Books he's read independently in the past week are: The Twits; Fantastic Mr Fox; Horrid Henry; The Worst Witch.

I have Winnie the Witch lined up as something he'll enjoy, but he's really very fixated on this 'naughty children' thing and I'd like him to be able to exercise choice.

Any suggestions?

OP posts:
coffeecister · 17/05/2015 13:41

Astrid Lindgren's 'Emil' books are quite easy to read and are all about Emil being naughty.

Losingmyreligion · 17/05/2015 13:50

Try the "My Naughty Little Sister" stories. Great illustrations too.

MaureenMacnally · 17/05/2015 13:53

Great, will order some Emil books, thank you.

We've read all of My Naughty Little Sister, unfortunately. Went down a storm!

OP posts:
ChocolateWombat · 17/05/2015 13:53

Naughty Amelia Jane.

Most of the naughty children in these books are not actually very naughty at all.

Incidentally, I have known lots of children who have hated 'Horrid Henry' at about 5 or 6. They have not found it funny, because they are quite goody-goody and are shocked at his behaviour rather than finding it funny.

pookamoo · 17/05/2015 13:54

"The Naughtiest Girl in The School" by Enid Blyton. whole series, I think.
Talk about labelling a kid!

Ineedacleaningfairy · 17/05/2015 13:55

Pippin longstocking has a naughty side.

unsinkable · 17/05/2015 13:59

There are brilliant Just William audio books read by martin Jarvis that my children loved, even when they were too young for the books. Id really recommend them.

MaureenMacnally · 17/05/2015 14:01

We've read Amelia Jane, and they were loved, but think he might have outgrown them now, if only because they were read aloud to him when he was much younger, IYSWIM.

OP posts:
MaureenMacnally · 17/05/2015 14:03

We've read 'The Naughtiest Girl' books too. He liked them, I hated them! (She isn't naughty at all, anyway! Just homesick and trying naughtiness as a strategy to get sent home, poor little thing. Anyway, she soon loves being institutionalised, and then it's all prefects meetings etc Grin)

OP posts:
MaureenMacnally · 17/05/2015 14:04

Ordered the Just William audio - thank you! We have a long car journey coming up, so hopefully this will be just the ticket.

OP posts:
MaureenMacnally · 17/05/2015 14:05

I'd forgotten about Pippi Longstocking! Have ordered them too. I'm going to be bloody bankrupt at this rate Grin

OP posts:
Coyoacan · 17/05/2015 14:10

Roald Dahl, particularly George's Wonderful Medicine

MaureenMacnally · 17/05/2015 14:11

We've exhausted the Dahl back catalogue, sadly.

Sorry, I am being super-annoying here, I know!

OP posts:
CallOfTheRiled · 17/05/2015 14:11

The trouble with Jack- Shirley Hughes. Although she might be a bit old for it.

lljkk · 17/05/2015 14:27

Calvin & Hobbes, there are about 15 books to choose from.

Dirty Bertie.

Beano is what my 7yo has finally clicked into reading, phew.

MaureenMacnally · 17/05/2015 15:19

Dirty Bertie looks perfect!

OP posts:
MegTheCat · 17/05/2015 15:41

What about the Fudge books by Judy Blume? (Superfudge, Tales of a fourth grade nothing etc)
The Jeremy James books by David Henry Wilson are really funny - not sure if he is really naughty, just manages to cause trouble all the time.

NerrSnerr · 17/05/2015 15:42

The Ramona books?

Leeds2 · 17/05/2015 19:19

Iggy & Me series by Jenny Valentine is the modern day equivalent of My Naughty Little Sister.

Highabove · 18/05/2015 18:14

I love Dirty Bertie, well it's at the opposite end of the scale to Horrid Henry anyway.

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