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I need a great chapter book to read to 6 year olds

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Asleeponasunbeam · 08/05/2015 21:24

For our holiday in a couple of weeks. It's to read to DD and DNiece. And no doubt their little siblings will have a listen too. Last year we had great success with 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' but both have now heard (or read! DN is a great reader) all the younger Roald Dahls and I don't want to do the rest too soon.

My DD loves animals, fairies and magic - her cousin is a bit more mature maybe and likes school/ friendship stories.

Any ideas for the perfect chapter book for them both to beg for at bed time? Thanks.

OP posts:
PolkadotsAndMoonbeams · 08/05/2015 22:38

Dick King Smith, Tumbleweed - about a nervous knight, has a lion and dragons and a princess, but definitely isn't a 'babyish' fairytale. Just a lovely story about being yourself, not judging on appearances etc. but with plenty of funny bits.

Or Dragon Boy (Dick King Smith again) about an orphan in the Middle Ages who's adopted by a dragon couple (the wife's put her husband on a 'no humans' diet).

AtSea1979 · 08/05/2015 22:41

Aww I was going to suggest Enid Blyton too as my DD loves the faraway tree books and the magical wishing chair.

So much nicer than the hideous my little pony one she's reading at the minute that bleats on about fashion etc.

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut · 08/05/2015 22:43

We're currently reading David Walliams' Awful Aunty to our 6 year old. I've just bought a whole load of chapter books including:

Five chikdren and it
Madame Pamplemoose and her Incredible Edibles
The Worst Witch
Mary Poppins

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams · 08/05/2015 22:49

Oh, speaking of ponies - the Sheltie books are nice.

MmeLindor · 08/05/2015 22:51

[disclaimer] These were written by a friend and I edited them, so not entirely neutral, but they are very good, and are getting great reviews. I hope no one minds me linking to them.

They are aimed at slightly older kids, but for reading aloud should be ok for younger ones, particularly as you said your DD thought the Faraway Tree books were 'babyish'.

Lucy Evans, InstaExplorer - they tell the story of a young girl who travels the world, finding out about the places she visits, learning some of the languages, and sending messages back home to her friends.

AtSea1979 · 08/05/2015 22:54

polkadots I've written that down. We have the large magic pony books but no nice chapter ones so will order some of them.

MmeLindor · 08/05/2015 22:55

I read Anne of Green Gables to DD at around this age, and she loved it.

LittleMilkNoSugar · 08/05/2015 22:56

The Borrowers.

VirginiaTonic · 08/05/2015 22:58

Charlottes web?

But to be honest, I think this age would be far better with picture story books.

Preminstreltension · 08/05/2015 22:59

I've just read Charlotte's Web to DS (5.5). He absolutely loved it.

Also yy to Pippi Longstocking.

MarbleRunner · 08/05/2015 22:59

When I was 8 my teacher read us Carbonel. I loved it. I have never been able to find it as I couldn't remember the name. I have looked for so many variants beginning with 'c'. I had also completely forgotten abou A necklace of raindrops. I've just ordered both for my son's upcoming 6th birthday. Though I think that are more a gift for me!

MmeLindor · 08/05/2015 23:01

Oh, and this isn't a chapter book, but our kids LOVED this book of first poems

EmmalinaC · 08/05/2015 23:01

My Naughty Little Sister
Worst Witch
Milly Molly Mandy

All series my 6 & 8 year olds enjoy together.

Preminstreltension · 08/05/2015 23:02

the Dribblesome Teapots by Norman Hunter is also a great hit in this house.

BrieAndChilli · 08/05/2015 23:03

The borrowers? Dd age 6 has been reading mine from when I was little

The secret garden

Rainbow fairies

Not sure what the series is called but dd has some about pony camp

prepperpig · 08/05/2015 23:10

DS2 at that age loved

Atticus claw (about a cat who used to be a thief but is now a police cat - funny and nicely written)
The borrowers
Adolphus tips (Michael morpurgo)
Casper prince of cats (Michael morpurgo)
Stig of the dump
Mrs frisby and the rats of Nimh - really wonderful book
Varjak paw (DS2 is obsessed with cats in case you'd not noticed the theme!)

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams · 08/05/2015 23:10

Oh and (I keep thinking of more!) Peter McElhinny - Little Tales from the Tip. They're about Gloobs, little people who look like balls of cotton wool with big feet and big noses (but they recognise each other by the feet, because recognising somebody by their nose is impolite).

It's lots of short stories, and (my version at least) has some illustrations.

SueGeneris · 08/05/2015 23:11

What about Beverly Cleary's Ramona books?

Or Mrs Pepperpot?

BikeRunSki · 08/05/2015 23:11

The Worst Witch

prepperpig · 08/05/2015 23:12

The secret garden is not great for six year olds IMO. We had it in audio book and its main benefit was making the DCs fall asleep in the back of the car. I was really disappointed in it since it wasn't the way I remembered it.

A little princess is wonderful however (although maybe best saved another year)

AnnaVR · 09/05/2015 06:53

'Oliver and The Sea Wigs' and 'Cakes in Space' - chapter books with amazing illustrations and each is a great quirky story.

ragged · 09/05/2015 09:02

the EB White books, so Trumpeter sWan or Charlotte's web.
I'm trying Jeremy Strong on my 7yo.


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PolkadotsAndMoonbeams · 09/05/2015 09:20

Pandemonium at School is fantastic and very funny, if you can manage to read it for laughing.

dingalong · 09/05/2015 10:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shosha1 · 09/05/2015 10:39

Baggledorf by zina pearce-tomenius
my charges loved it

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