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Book with turn the page cd

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GatsbysGirl · 06/05/2015 13:45

I really enjoyed listening to stories on a cassette tape and following the instructions to "turn the page" at the sound of the tinkly music. It meant I could "read" along with the narrator. I'd like to find something similar for DS1 but with a cd to follow along with the story. Does anyone know if this type of book /cd exists?

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GatsbysGirl · 06/05/2015 13:46

Should add I meant when I was little- I don't own a casettw player now!

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cleowasmycat · 06/05/2015 13:48

We have a great Disney one I found in a charity shop. It has finding nemo, toy story and two others I can't remember. When did doesn't read along she just listens to it whilst she goes to sleep.

SmileItsSunny · 06/05/2015 13:54

little tiger tales! several of these have cds with them. Also harry and the dinosaurs, and dazzling diggers, are popular here

cleowasmycat · 06/05/2015 13:56

Try looking this up in Amazon.
Disney-Pixar CD Storybook (Toy Story/Finding Nemo/A Bug's Life/ Monsters, Inc.)

GatsbysGirl · 06/05/2015 14:10

Thanks that's great. I've just ordered a couple of books

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iseenodust · 08/05/2015 11:37

We had a lovely Paddington book called Paddington in the Garden which came with a CD read by Stephen Fry.
The Cows in Action series can also be found with accompanying cds.

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