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Join in for children's book recommendations.

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Children's books

Oh wise Mumsnetters does anyone know these books from childhood?

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RainbowCake · 29/04/2015 20:55

This is inspired by another thread about childhood books.
I remember reading and rereading a couple of books when I was 10/11 ( 25 yrs agoHmm) and I loved them and it would be fab to track them down.
The first was about letters left or exchanged in a library book and that is about all I can remember.

The second was about 2 girls and they collected small dolls and some came up for auction and I think one of the girls hid some so the other couldn't buy them.

I seem to remember both books being quite old when I read them. They were hard back in burgandy or green, no paper sleeves.

Anybody have the foggiest what I am talking about?

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highlandcoo · 29/04/2015 21:20

OP maybe post this on Adult Fiction page as MNers there are really knowledgeable about books. Might be your best chance of finding the answer.

RainbowCake · 29/04/2015 21:32

Thank you Highlandcoo. Never thought to post there.

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BeccaMumsnet · 30/04/2015 10:15

Hi there RainbowCake - we'll pop this over to Children's Books for you.

DeeWe · 30/04/2015 10:42

I remember the first I think. I wonder if it was by Betsy Byers, as I remember it being next to "The Computer Nut" in the library as I got them out at the same time.

I don't recall the second at all, although it did make me think of the little doll in the freezer book, but that was for much younger children.

There was a thread ages ago where people asked for help locating children's books, and people were really good. I found 2 out of 3 that I asked for, which was brilliant.

RainbowCake · 30/04/2015 10:53

Thank you for moving it Becca.

Thanks DeeWe, I'll have a look through her books, it's really bugging me.
I think they may have been written in 50's or even earlier. My dad came home with loads of books one day and I know there was a lot of boarding school/jolly hockey sticks type.

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RainbowCake · 10/05/2015 14:10

Thank you again DeeWe, but wasnt a Betsy Byers book, they are too modern x

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MaureenMacnally · 17/05/2015 13:41
Phalarope · 17/05/2015 19:31

Is the doll one Tottie: the Story if a Dolls House? Vague recollections of an auction being involved somewhere...

RainbowCake · 19/05/2015 20:56

Ooh it could be The dead letter box, but I don't remember a friend moving, though it was a very very long time ago.

Thank you Phalarope but nope. The dolls were just dolls, but there was a rivalry between 2 girls for them.

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