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audio books vs real books

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tempo · 03/02/2015 13:32

my 12 year old ds is probably the most reluctant reader on the planet. He used to love reading (til about 8/9 years old) since when he has decided it is the MOST BORING thing on earth. I have tried everything to no avail.

But he willingly listens to audio books til the cows come home.

I love books and it breaks my heart that he doesn't enjoy reading, but do you think listening to audio books as opposed to reading them is better than nothing ? It seems a very lazy option and I worry that there is less focus than when reading a real book, but I guess it is better than no books......

any thoughts ?

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DeanKoontz · 03/02/2015 13:38

Does he read other things? my ds is a very reluctant reader of chapter books too. But, he does read loads of other stuff, particularly comics and 'fact' books. I think if they're reading something, and they're reading levels at school are ok, it doesn't really matter what it is.

My also ds loves audio books. We use them in the car to get through long journeys. I think they're fine.

tempo · 03/02/2015 13:46

he devours magazines (mainly about football and rugby), but also loved First News (slightly grown out of that now but I still get it from time to time). He's never been interested in comics.

He's doing fine at school, his English teacher says he is doing well, he has a broad vocabulary and good spelling, he just can't be bothered to read.

So maybe I am worrying about nothing now, but I do think ahead to when school subjects will require more reading and wonder if it is going to be a total nightmare....

OP posts:
DeanKoontz · 03/02/2015 14:09

I think they'll be fine. I really don't think that being able to read Harry Potter now, indicates an aptitude for absorbing textbooks later on.

I also have a dd (11) who devours books, She reads 2 or 3 meaty paperbacks a week. In fact I struggle to find books for her to read as she seems to have read everything at least twice. However, it's fiction she loves. She has no more patience for reading than ds when it comes to reading required blocks of text. She does poorly (for her ability) in tests as she speed reads and doesn't always get what the question is asking because she hasn't the patience for it.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes · 03/02/2015 14:13

I think they're a lot better than nothing, my DS (11) listens to them continually and from his conversation has clearly taken a lot in. He reads non-fiction and comics and likes me to read to him still too.

Takver · 03/02/2015 15:38

"I worry that there is less focus than when reading a real book"

Do you think that's the case? I love reading, but I also listen to audiobooks when I'm washing up, digging, that sort of thing. I'd say I have to focus more, if anything, when I'm listening to an audiobook, because there isn't the option of flipping back to remind yourself what happened. I also think that I take in more, because I can't skim.

schmalex · 04/02/2015 06:06

I think audiobooks require a lot of focus, and they still require you to imagine what is happening (as opposed to tv).

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