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Assassins creed ( book ) suitable for a 11 year old?

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Endler32 · 31/01/2015 21:18

Dd1 ( bookworm, into sci fi, fantasy and history ) is 11 next week, she has asked for some books and I picked this up last week without researching ( tesco's 2 for £7 ). She has read Hunger Games, maze runner, divergent and several other things. Do you think Assassins creed will be ok? Has anyone read it?

OP posts:
Skatingfastonthinice · 31/01/2015 21:37

I read the one set in Renaissance Italy.
Badly written with very little character development, but nothing unsuitable for an 11 year old.

Takver · 31/01/2015 21:42

DD read this in yr 6 - it was from her school bookshelf, so I imagine it should be fine.

Skatingfastonthinice · 31/01/2015 22:05

That's why I read it, I had a class book corner, and I read every book in it before the children. AC stayed. Smile

Endler32 · 31/01/2015 22:17

Thank you, I find it so hard to find her books.

OP posts:
Skatingfastonthinice · 31/01/2015 22:18

Have you turned her loose in the library?

Takver · 31/01/2015 22:53

Assume she's read these series, but just in case:
Percy Jackson etc,
Artemis Fowl,
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness
Skullduggery Pleasant
City of Glass
Dragonsong trilogy (other Pern books not necc suitable for 11 yo!)
Temeraire (adult not YA, but harmless fun)

Endler32 · 01/02/2015 09:11

She gets a bit overwhelmed in the library so we don't go there very often. She reads a lot ( gets through a book every 2 days) but she will re read several times, she still goes back to read Harry Potter even though she has read them 10+ times.

She is quite fussy with books, she has asked to read Lord of the rings but she didn't really enjoy the hobbit so I'm not sure if she would enjoy them? She loves fantasy and sci fi, I have bought her the new Percy Jackson box set for her birthday but that won't take her long to read.

OP posts:
IAmAPaleontologist · 01/02/2015 09:20

Deptford mice, Whitby witches etc?

TheEnduringMoment · 01/02/2015 09:20

To Takver's list I'd add anything by Diana Wynne Jones (especially Howl's Moving Castle) and Frances Hardinge (especially Fly by night) and perhaps Lemony Snicket

Endler32 · 01/02/2015 13:29

Thank you, will have a look at all the above.

OP posts:
Takver · 01/02/2015 15:43

All the ones I've listed are fantasy (most of them) or sci fi (Insignia). Agree Diana Wynne Jones & Frances Hardinge are also fab.

Maybe a bit young, but if she likes HP, I'm sure she'd enjoy Charlie Bone - they're similar in tone to the first 3 HP books I'd say, before they got darker.

DD absolutely loved the Eragon books around that age, they're real doorstops, so last a fair while!

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