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Detective stories for 7yo

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RememberYoureAWomble · 12/11/2014 11:00

I'm looking for good detective stories for my 7yo DS, either easy chapter books (about the same level as Beast Quest and Astrosaurs) that he can read to himself or harder ones that I can read to him. I saw the Whodunit Detective Agency series by Martin Widmark on Amazon, but they are newly published and don't have any reviews yet. Has anyone tried these? Or can anyone recommend any other good mystery books? Thanks very much.

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Picturesinthefirelight · 12/11/2014 11:19

Dd enjoyed Precious & the Monkeys by Alexander McColl Smith when she was younger (there are now more in the series) - they are about Precious Ramotswe's childhood.

The Atticus Claw Cat Detective series has good reviews.

Pigsticks & Harold by Alex Milway (may be a bit young)

RememberYoureAWomble · 12/11/2014 11:51

Thanks Pictures. We enjoyed Precious and the Monkeys too, but I hadn't realised there were more out. We will definitely look for those.

Atticus Claw and Pigsticks & Harold both look like they might be good bets too. Thanks very much.

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AuntieStella · 12/11/2014 12:02

Try the Diamond Detective Agency series by Anthony Horowitz.

AuntieStella · 12/11/2014 12:06

Link to author's website The books are stuffed with puns, and the basic scenario is that the elder Diamond brother is the world's dimmest detective, and his smarter little brother saves the day. Six in the series; we loved them.

(Same author as Alex Rider for when he's a bit bigger. And he writes crime for TV and for adults too).

RememberYoureAWomble · 12/11/2014 16:22

Thanks very much AuntieStella - I will definitely look out for those.

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Picturesinthefirelight · 12/11/2014 16:48

Ds really enjoyed the two Knightly & Son books as well but id say they are aimed more at the 9-12 age range.

lostintoys · 15/11/2014 07:46

DS really enjoyed Enid Blyton's Five Findouters series at that age.

RememberYoureAWomble · 21/11/2014 08:40

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely be getting some of these for us to try. I think the Knightly & Sons might be ok to read to DS now. Another great recommendation Pictures - thanks.

lostintoys - I'd forgotten the Five Findouters. I think I read quite a few of those when I was a child and enjoyed them. I'll look at them again. Thanks.

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BlueChampagne · 22/11/2014 23:11

Roman Mysteries going down well here with DS1. I read some, he reads some. Sophie and the Shadow Woods also popular, but more adventure.

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