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Choose Your Own Adventure type books - any recommendations?

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thetropicmama7 · 24/10/2014 21:21

I used to love reading this series when I was a kid. I can see the odd one on eBay but I was wondering if anyone can recommend any similar series currently available? For those who are not that familiar with CYOA books, they are ones where the reader can have different endings depending on "choices" they make in certain parts of the story, with each choice leading to a different page.

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EATmum · 24/10/2014 21:25

I would LOVE one of those for my DD2. Bumping and watching ...

stiffstink · 24/10/2014 21:33

There's "You Choose" and the sequel which aren't stories and are suited to pre-school... Hmmm so unhelpful!

Watching with interest!

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie · 24/10/2014 21:39

I had a goosebumps book where you had to choose what to do at the end of each page in the hope you'd escape the spooky situation.

thetropicmama7 · 24/10/2014 22:24

I absolutely loved this series when I was in primary school but haven't come across anything quite as similar recently. I just think my DS would really enjoy it or something similar (hopefully easily purchased/borrowed currently)

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thetropicmama7 · 24/10/2014 22:26

Stiffsink, I will look into "You Choose". Must admit I haven't across them but perhaps I didn't look properly whenever I went to the bookshops Smile

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thetropicmama7 · 24/10/2014 22:27

Ooh! I remember reading the Goosebumps series too but I think I had "normal" ones, not the choose your end type variant Smile

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