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What age for Roman Mysteries

13 replies

BlueChampagne · 11/09/2014 12:48

Suitable for able Y3 to support Romans topic? If this is a bit young, can anyone recommend an alternative?

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BardarbungaBardarbing · 11/09/2014 12:56

Able Y3 I would think so. My child read them at age 7-8 for a Roman project.

TheWanderingUterus · 11/09/2014 13:05

Yes, year 3, but there are some scary/disturbing bits DD wanted to discuss with me and about things like slavery.

There are some simpler/shorter additional books written by the same author for slightly younger readers. They are the Roman Mysteries Scrolls, one is called The Sewer Demon (just checked on amazon, there are four in total).

DeWee · 11/09/2014 13:20

DD1 read them in year 3. DD2 would still find them too traumatising in year 6 though.

Leeds2 · 11/09/2014 15:11

I think they would be fine for an able reader in Y3, but as others have said the content can be quite scary.

BlueChampagne · 11/09/2014 20:42

Thanks everyone. We'll have a look in the library and give one a go. I'll be braced for him to find it a bit scary, and prepared to give up if it's too much.

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FiveGoMadInDorset · 11/09/2014 20:48

I read them with DD in Y3 as part of our nightly reading book, she enjoyed them.

MrsBartlet · 17/09/2014 20:53

They are definitely not aimed at Y3. As someone mentioned Caroline Lawrence has written the Roman Mystery Scrolls which is aimed at that age group. They can be quite violent and scary.

TheFirstOfHerName · 17/09/2014 20:58

I would say Y5/Y6.

BlueChampagne · 19/09/2014 22:28

Well I've ordered them, so we'll see how we go. Can always keep them for later if it doesn't work out. Will keep an eye out for Scrolls in the library.
Thanks everyone.

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iseenodust · 22/09/2014 10:35

"I am Spartapus" series good for that age.

iseenodust · 22/09/2014 10:36

That's Spartapuss. Doh.

BlueChampagne · 23/09/2014 13:50

Love the sound of Spartapuss - will try the library. Sucker for a pun here ... thank you!

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BlueChampagne · 15/10/2014 13:30

Thanks everyone - he's gone on to the second in the series barely pausing for breath!

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