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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Books for 4-7yrs old on How Babies are Made, please.

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BelfastBloke · 25/08/2014 16:49

Guide me through these books, if you would. Presumably there's different levels of explicitness (in word and images), and different levels of complexity?

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BelfastBloke · 25/08/2014 20:42


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dancestomyowntune · 25/08/2014 20:46

the ONLY one we needed was "mummy laid an egg". i think its Quentin Blake and someone else. funny, informative and not too explicit.

LeBearPolar · 25/08/2014 20:58

When I was growing up, we had a book called Where Did I Come From? which is light-hearted but informative. DS had that and Mummy Laid an Egg.

IAMACLANGER · 25/08/2014 21:05

Mummy Laid An Egg - by Babette Cole. It's brilliant!

BelfastBloke · 25/08/2014 21:52

Thanks. Right age group, do you think?

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meglet · 25/08/2014 21:54

Where Willy Went.

I used it when mine started reception so they didn't get any silly ideas in the playground.

BelfastBloke · 26/08/2014 09:43

i have ordered both of those books now. thank you.

would welcome any other suggestions as well.

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ClareBaldingsHair · 19/09/2014 10:48
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