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Florrie the Dummy Fairy!!

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MaggieC1975 · 16/08/2014 11:49

I've just started the dummy weaning process with my boy. I was advised to try a picture book to start the process. After a bit of trial and error, I stumbled across Florrie the Dummy Fairy. Lovely bright illustrations and magic spells throughout. The superstar idea is that Florrie turns the child's dummy into a star. My sisters little boy is four and gave up his dummy a while ago, but he is now asking which star is his! He loves the idea that he has his own star in the sky. :-)

OP posts:
SweetsForMySweet · 16/08/2014 21:25

Sounds like a lovely idea, might give it a go. Thanks for the tip. My ds only uses his dodi for naps and bedtime but I think it is going to be tough to get rid of it

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