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Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

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Darquesse · 19/07/2014 23:06

I saw a series mentioned on another thread but didn't want to hijack the thread with my questions.

Ds is 9 and has a reading level of a 12yo so he is quite advanced.

He has read the Harry Potters, loved the Beast Quest Series and is really enjoying Skulduggery Pleasant.

Would he enjoy this series?
Is it too dark for his age?
What age would you recommend it for?
If you think it is dark, what themes in the book worry you?

OP posts:
stampymumknows · 19/07/2014 23:12

My eldest read these about that age and loved them, so did DD. No more dark than some of the Harry Potter later books but the opening scene is scary if your DS is sensitive to that.

Darquesse · 19/07/2014 23:25

Thanks Stampy he doesn't seem to be sensitive to scary things. Sone of the fighting/torture scenes in skulduggery make him say 'oh that's brutal' but other than that he seems fine.

OP posts:
stampymumknows · 19/07/2014 23:33

My eldest actually has a fear of bears due to this being his nightmare for years when small- I was really worried about him reading these books but he was an advanced reader too and I think could rationalise pretty well by that age. He really enjoyed them and I think they are a good read myself! Sure he will love it especially since he enjoys Skullduggery darkness and humour, and if he likes magic and animals.

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