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tilly and friends. lets get wheeling

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johura27 · 16/06/2014 21:14

tilly and friends, lets get wheeling is an excellent read. I read the book to my four year old boy. he enjoys it so much.this book is a must and great read for toddlers.

OP posts:
dinkystinky · 17/06/2014 19:55

I read this book to my DS2 (5) and DS3 (11 months) - sadly I think DS2 was too old for it and DS2 too young. It is prettily illustrated and a sweet story celebrating friendship so I'd recommend it for children in the 3 to 4 year old category.

Doodleloomoo · 17/06/2014 19:59

Is this new? My dd loves the 6 she has - doodle, hector etc.i thought that was all of them.

dinkystinky · 18/06/2014 12:04

I think it is a new release Doodleloomoo

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